WSI lands Quality Ingredients Corporation in a National SEO Campaign

WSI is now working with Quality Ingredients Corporation of Minnesota in an effort to drive new business for the company.  Quality Ingredients corporation recently made substantial investments in expanding their capacity, and as a result now seek to fill that capacity by manufacturing proprietary products and through toll manufacturing.

Quality Ingredients corporation is a leader in food ingredient suppliers who are experts in spray drying, a process that converts liquids into stable powders.  QIC is a food ingredient manufacturer that supplies many proprietary dairy and non-dairy powders that are used in beverages, sauces, seasonings, dressings, whipped toppings and many more.  Quality ingredients also provides contract spray drying services for custom ingredients that are developed either by their clients or in partnership with QIC and their experts on staff.

In parallel with the Search Engine Optimization project, Quality Ingredients has also secured WSI to provide Pay Per Click campaign development and management.  The Pay per Click campaign has generated substantial new leads for the business and is providing insights that are valuable to the Search Engine Optimization initiative.

Early results are positive for the campaign with new leads being generated regularly for the client.  New pages will be added to the site in the coming months as the company expands the project to include additional phrases.

Optimizing Videos for Search on Google and YouTube

Videos have become a powerful marketing tool.  The #1 search engine in the world, Google, gives preference to videos in rankings which also include thumbnails next to the listing on the search results page, which improves click through rates. It is not surprising that the second most popular search engine in the world is YouTube, a  platform built around sharing videos.

Even if you have never used a video in your marketing campaign before, these tips will assist with making the most of your video content for your Online Marketing campaigns:

Top Tips for Optimizing Videos for Search on Google and YouTube

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Still Not Optimized? 5 Basic SEO Tips for Your Website

Optimization still plays a vital role for any business that wants to rank high and be successful in the search engines.

Here are FIVE basic tips for optimizing your website:

1. Check Index Status on Top Search Engines

Webmasters can check on Google’s Webmaster Tools to make sure that their site’s pages are being indexed correctly in the search engines.  Log into Webmaster Tools and click on, “Health” and then “Index Status.”

Once you have established that your website has been indexed, now it’s time to optimize.

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Efficient SEO | Reputation Matters | Creative Content

Business owners have a one track mind: Thrive. If the Internet plays any part in your business growth strategy, then the means don’t usually matter as long as the price is fair and the ROI is there. WSI specializes in results-driven, digital marketing strategies for the areas of your business that will help you thrive. For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped clients from small businesses to large corporations grow their business through effective Internet marketing. Our approach is both time-tested and cutting-edge, incorporating proven fundamentals of marketing while taking advantage of the very latest trends  and advances in Internet technology.

There is no one strategy to accomplish greater traffic to your site, nor does one size fit all. WSI has developed winning strategies for clients across a wide range of industries, and we’re ready to be a part of your customized marketing strategy.

The WSI Custom Internet Marketing Approach

Consistent and thoughtful marketing strategies drive traffic, which in turn increases your prospects. This is true with traditional marketing, and it’s equally true for digital marketing. You expect and deserve tangible results, and that’s why we are committed to using our experience and strong industry partnerships to get you the results that produce a great ROI. As a business, if any of the following apply to your business, then you need to give WSI a try:

  • Business growth and expansion
  • Better marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • Deeper or new market penetration and increased brand awareness
  • Consistent online lead generation
  • Additional channels to reach your customers
  • Effective social media and mobile device presence
  • Seamless integration of your traditional marketing campaign with digital marketing
  • Creating your online reputation that builds and supports your business

Explore our services, and discover why so many business owners have relied on WSI for timely, effective, and affordable digital marketing strategies.



Rainy & Rainey is a Waco Law firm that provides a range of legal services.  Elisa Rainey is the firm’s primary Elder Law Attorney, and James Rainey works directly with those individuals in need of a Personal Injury Attorney.

WSI works with a number of law firms all over the world to help them rank for the specific practice areas in which they specialize.  In this case, the client had been engaged in a contract with a local advertising agency, but they were unsure of the activities being performed and unclear on the results being generated.

By working with their local WSI consultant, Rainey and Rainey now have a comprehensive Digital Marketing plan for achieving their Local SEO goals.  The process consists of detailed keyword research, optimization of their existing on page content, and ongoing off page optimization.  Due to the fragmented way that local searchers will look for an attorney, WSI is also administering a small paid search campaign for this client.

Each month, WSI provides a detailed campaign review that outlines the activities performed, the results of the paid search campaign, and an in depth analysis of their Google Analytics which indicates the effectiveness of the campaign results as it relates to the activity on their website.

For detailed information on how WSI can help your business with a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy including Local Search, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Search, and/or other online marketing activities, contact us today for a free analysis and consultation.

WSI stands for “We Simplify the Internet” and is the global leader in digital marketing with over 1,000 digital marketing consultants in over 80 countries- with a local office based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  On average, there are two billion searches done on Google daily.  Consumers are using the results in search engines to help them make informed purchasing decisions in every industry.  If you aren’t ranking on the first page for your specific keywords, you are probably missing out on significant traffic to your site — and ultimately customers!

Please contact eSpark Marketing WSI for a free phone consultation to see how WSI can help you with online lead generation!

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