WSI “We Simplify the Internet”


Diverse Clients, Diverse Solutions, Meaningful Results

WSI has been providing innovative Internet marketing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses all over the world since the mid 1990s. We have evolved along with the Internet and the strategies used to harness the immense potential that is a result of having a solid Web strategy. With beginnings as a Web design company, WSI has grown  into developing and executing ROI-focused digital marketing strategies, which are custom-tailored to new technologies, the changing needs of our customers, and the evolving behaviors of consumers. And yes, we still build Web sites.


With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, WSI has a global network of digital marketing consultants dedicated to region-specific solutions in over 80 countries. We take immense pride in helping our clients understand what elements of an Internet marketing strategy will work best for their growth and budget. And we’re confident we can earn your trust and get you the results to pay our fees.

Whether it’s dynamic website design, search engine optimization, email marketing, or the emerging and exciting worlds of social media and mobile marketing, WSI is on the cutting edge of what’s possible. Rely on our experience to discover what works for your organization.  Your online success begins with WSI. It’s what we do well, and it’s why we’re here.

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